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This May Look Like A Human Model, But When You See The Entire Picture You’ll Be Shocked By What It Is.

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When you first look at these photos it’s clear to see that they are photographs of a bald, teal-eyed man named Chris.


The contrast in the images are extremely vivid, and pop off of your screen.


But as you step further away from the model known as Chris you’ll see something that will take your breath away…


The model, “Chris”, is actually a sculpture by Jamie Salmon. A contemporary sculptor living and working in Vancouver.


Jamie started his career working as a commercial artist and sculptor for the movie effects industry.


Jamie says, “I want to make something that tells a story or moves people in some sort of way, not something that just looks very real. Of course, I need my works to have a certain degree of reality about them, but it`s more of a heightened reality.”

More of Jamie’s work can be seen on his website Avatar Sculpture Works.


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