This Couple Did Something Unbelievable Every Single Day In 2013. One Of Them Beat Cancer Doing It.


Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, had quite the ambitious 2013 New Year’s resolution. On Tuesday, the duo completed their 365-day run around Australia. If that’s a lot of geography and math to figure out, here’s how they did it:

They ran a marathon of 2013.

On Wednesday, Jan. 1, they ran their 366th consecutive marathon, which they say is a world record.

They’ve run precisely 9,776.75 miles according the their Facebook page. Even more incredible? They ate a completely raw and vegan diet the entire time. Check it out!

CREDITS: For more on Janette and Alan’s accomplishments, check out this story on Deseret News. Original video found here.