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The Various Reported Benefits of Water Births

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There are various ways to give birth nowadays, and each one is beneficial in its own way. For those seeking natural labor and delivery methods, water birth is often the first presented solution. Before you rule this out of your realm of possibilities, let’s look at some of the various reported benefits to see if water birth is right for you.

A Shortened Labor Process

Something truly unique about labor is how unpredictable it is. And while this may stir a lot of mixed feelings for expecting mothers, it’s essential to note that the length of labor is not absolute.

Labor will take as long as needed for the progression of your baby, but the more comfortable you are while laboring, the easier and faster you may progress. A warm water birthing pool can ease contractions by providing relaxation and soothing comfort. Many professionals agree that this can lead to a naturally shortened labor process.

More Relaxing Birth Experience

With the comforts of the pool comes a more relaxing birth experience. This is usually one of the most reported and discussed benefits of water births.

It is not recommended to use extremely hot temperatures. By making the water equivalent to your body temperature, you can immerse yourself and your pelvic area in a no-gravity situation, which can aid in contracting more easily. Any time the body feels external tension while laboring, this can amplify the discomfort.

Reduced Need for External Pain Intervention

You’ll perform a lot of physical and mental preparation for a water birth, and these measures reduce the need for external pain intervention. Many mothers initially choose a water birth when they strongly desire to forgo an epidural or any other pain management. There are a series of risks associated with all pain interventions, so you can eliminate these concerns by partaking in water birth.

Increased Opportunity for Natural Delivery

Because of all the relaxation and pain management offered through a water birth setup, you have increased chances of natural delivery success. During your labor, you may feel like the water becomes annoying or that the water is your haven. Regardless of your feelings on the matter mid-labor, having unlimited access to comfort measures is almost always the best way to ensure a natural delivery should you wish.

Remain transparent with your medical providers and support team about your desired birth wishes so that everyone is on the same page when the big day arrives. It is advantageous to remain flexible to your circumstances since labor is unpredictable. Still, with these various reported water birth benefits, you are in good hands if you build this into your birth plans.

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