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The Best Escape Rooms In The US

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Have you ever wondered how you would act if fiction came to life?

Escape rooms give you the opportunity to find out! Test your wits and valor alongside your best friends to see if your actions align with your imagination!

If you’re looking for the best escape rooms in the US, look no further than this list!

The Best Escape Rooms in the US

Escape rooms are everywhere, but some are more memorable than others. If you’re looking for an exciting experience, these are the best escape rooms in America.

1. The Kidnapping – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Kidnapping Escape Room is one of this location’s first and most popular escape rooms. It puts you in handcuffs, blindfolds you, and requires you to escape before your kidnapper returns.

If that’s not your thing, this location also offers several other games, one of which allows you to step into the role of a spy in a casino.

2. Zombie Room – Chicago, Illinois

Fans of The Walking Dead, rejoice!

This location offers three escape rooms, but this one is the most intense and fear-inducing. Trapped in a room with a zombie trying to break in, you have 60 minutes to get to safety before the zombie is unleashed.

Test your intelligence and your bravery and see how you would fare in a zombie apocalypse.

3. Escape the Oval Office – Georgetown, D.C.

If scary isn’t your thing, this presidential escape room offers you the opportunity to do some digging in the White House!

After receiving a tip about a scandal, your team of White House correspondents has 60 minutes to find evidence before you have to get your story to print!

4. The Secret Chambers – Fort Worth, Texas

This pirate-themed escape room puts you in the role of a pirate thief attempting to steal from Blackbeard. You and your mates have made your way onto The Queen Anne’s revenge. You have been hired to sneak into Blackbeard’s private quarters and find a treasure map.

5. The Great Houdini Escape Room – San Francisco, California

Escaping from a room should be easier than escaping from a straitjacket, right?

Legend has it that Harry Houdini built this escape room and challenged eight geniuses to escape. You and some friends will take their places to see if you can complete his challenge!

He’s even generous enough to give you 80 minutes to escape!

6. Lavinia’s Den: The Trespasser’s Curse – Los Angeles, California

You’ve trespassed into a Tarot Card reader’s den and she isn’t happy. You must escape before you become cursed.

The best part about this escape room is it will come to you! You can book them for parties or as a company team building exercise! Communication is necessary to successfully complete an escape room, so consider booking them for your office!

The escape rooms have 20- and 30-minute options. 

Escaping Boredom

Next time you’re in the mood to try something new, grab some friends and immerse yourself in one of the best escape rooms in America. Immersing yourselves in the story is sure to stave off boredom!

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