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Puppies Predict Super Bowl 50 – check out who is the winner!

It is Super Bowl 50, we are down to the final count down! So who's taking home the trophy? Everyone and specially the Carolina Panthers and...

“No More Cat Food, Star Wars Typhoon!” NFL Lip Reading Viral Hit #2 Scores Big Time!

The team at Bad Lip Reading has done it again...this one might be even better. If you haven't seen the first one you can...

This Deaf Football Player Was Picked On, Picked Last And Told To Quit. He Played On…All The Way To The NFL. Meet Derrick Coleman.

Derrick Coleman is a game away from being in the Super Bowl with his team, The Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is known as the hardest...

Ever Wonder What Football Players Are Saying On The Field? 42 Million People Just Found Out Thanks To This Hugely Viral Video.

I knew this is what they were saying! You can just tell by the looks on their faces that this is exactly what professional...

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