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Students: Learn How What You Eat Affects Your Brain

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burger-foodEveryone knows that eating healthy is the only way to properly nourish and support the brain, but do you really know how the brain reacts when you eat different foods? Some types of meals can boost brain activity while others might cause your brain to slow down a bit. In moderation, most foods are good for brain development but there are some food choices that can leave your brain feeling completely worn out. If you are studying for your BSN to DNP online, knowing which foods will best power your brain can make your course just a little easier. At Bradley University, students of nursing are able to choose from various study paths that can lead to exciting and unique careers. Understand what you can eat to build a healthy brain and learn which foods will help you to meet your potential while you study.

Are Carbs Preferred by Your Brain?

When you get hungry, the first thing that your body craves are the richest, most indulgent foods that are high in fat, sugar and carbohydrates. That’s because your brain figures that it might be awhile before you get to eat again, so you are consciously and subconsciously urged to eat things that your body and brain might not actually benefit from. Carbohydrates are a part of a balanced diet, and they are especially important to professional athletes like runners and swimmers who burn off a lot of calories. On the other hand, nurse practitioner doctorate degree students generally don’t need as many carbohydrates as athletes, and eating an excess amount can actually be bad for the human brain. Realize that the human brain is actually primarily fat, so if you feed it excess carbs it can actually become unbalanced.

How Junk Food is Processed by the Brain

Students enrolled in online doctoral nursing programs are some of the types of people most prone to living off of junk food during busy periods. In fact, nearly all college students end up eating more junk food than they should. Junk food is pretty much all fat, sugar and a high amount of carbohydrates, so even if you only eat a small amount, you can expect to feel sluggish and to have at least some of it convert into excess body fat. Junk food’s effect on the brain is lasting. Not only does the brain function less efficiently while powered by junk food, it also runs out of energy faster.

What Your Brain Does with Protein

Besides fruits and vegetables, protein is one of the best types of fuel you can ingest to energize your brain. Lean proteins should be eaten in small portions over the course of the day to help keep the brain running well. When protein is one other main foods consumed, the brain needs fewer breaks, you have an easier time recalling details and more of the information that you come across is easily retained.

Junk food won’t help you to study longer, even if eating it provides you with a quick burst. Excess fats and sugar tire out the brain, and only a reasonable amount of good carbohydrates can actually build brain health. Stick to protein when you need a fast boost of energy for your brain and body.

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