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Staying in Style: 6 Basic Men’s Fashion Tips To Learn

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With copious rules existing around you, keeping up with etiquette can be challenging at times. And the fashion world is no stranger to such laws! As the industry continuously evolves, so do trends and what’s considered “in style.”

On the bright side, tried and true staples in men’s fashion exist across wardrobes everywhere. These are six basic men’s fashion tips to learn because they aren’t going anywhere soon.

1. Have at Least One Suit and Know How To Wear It Well

Having at least one suit in your wardrobe is a necessity since you’ll come across a few formal events in life. But it’s one thing to have the suit for the occasion, and other to know how to wear and style the attire. Focus the fit of the suit across the shoulders and over the chest and waist; tailoring the latter is easier than the former.

2. Invest in One Jewelry Staple

While keeping accessories to a minimum aims for subtlety and nonchalance, you should invest in one piece that adds visual interest to your ensemble. Whether a watch or tie clip, less is more! Styling Cuban link chains with your outfit offers sleek touches that incorporate elegance and luxury for formal events.

3. Learn How To Embrace Color

It may be intimidating at first, but it helps to introduce pops of color into your casualwear and formalwear. While navy and grey are classic shades, shades of beige, mustard, and brighter shades of blue are just as timeless and elevate your ensemble.

4. Seek Out Versatile Pieces To Wear Year-Round

Versatility is convenient and helpful in many circumstances. With changes in seasonality, your outerwear should be a lightweight, breathable, and protective layer that allows you to wear as much or as little as possible.

5. Remember To Dress for the Occasion

While style is a form of self-expression, some people may take their self-expression a bit too seriously, thus struggling with dressing appropriately for occasions. Many fashion faux pas occur because an ensemble is out of place. Consider following dress codes to demonstrate respect for the event.

6. Know Yourself and What Works for You

Occasionally experimenting with new styles is fantastic for breaking out of your comfort zone, but it’s also important to know yourself and what styles genuinely cater to you.

Dressing well ultimately falls upon your interests, personality, and style. However, knowing these basic men’s fashion tips to learn assures that you always place your best fashion foot forward while remaining true to what works for you.

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