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Best Decluttering Methods To Use in the New Year

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Fresh starts offer various opportunities to approach life more uniquely than before. But when your home reflects old habits from the previous year, it can feel as if you’re still carrying weight on your shoulders. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the baggage of the past—our best decluttering methods to use in the new year will help you create space and attract positivity.

Utilize the Six-Month Rule

This rule is pretty straightforward and motivates you to think about all the unused items in your living space. If you have any possessions that have known more dust than use within this time frame, donating or selling them might be best. If you’re feeling ambitious, consider utilizing a three-month alternative instead!

Incorporate the Three-Bin Sorting Method

This approach requires you to set out three compartments and sort through your belongings so that everything has a place. Labeling the bins with “Keep,” “Toss,” and “Donate” allows you to make quick decisions that downsize on clutter.

Introduce a Labeling System

Using a labeling system can help you keep track of your belongings and their locations at all times. You can incorporate fun elements such as adhesive labels or chalkboard labels to identify drawers and bins as you fill them.

Reach Out for Support

Tackling huge tasks on your own is no fun! Asking a roommate whose habits align with yours is a fantastic way to bond and declutter your space, benefiting you both. Plus, keeping your belongings tidy shows respect for the shared space and for your roommate. If you live on your own, consider reaching out to your friends to make it a group effort.

Don’t Let Materialistic Items Define You

It’s essential to note that these unwanted items are simply objects that do not define you. Your peace of mind matters, and if clutter in your home is negatively affecting your life, it might be time to let some of it go.

Turn Your Items Into Cash

If you’re finding parting with specific items difficult, keep in mind that you can turn these prized possessions into cash. You can sell objects through marketplaces and apps that will help your belongings find new homes while earning you extra income.

Treat Yourself After You’re Done

After a job well done, you can treat yourself to a night out with your family or to a self-care appointment with a friend. Incorporating change when you’re up to your ears in clutter can be challenging. But using a few decluttering methods in the new year can help you get a grip on any chaos in your life and purge your space of anything weighing you down.

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