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Staying Active: 9 of the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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There are about 12 million adults who suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Medical professionals think there are at least another 12 million people who have COPD but are not diagnosed. If that’s not disconcerting enough, there are 120,000 people who die from COPD each year. 

Portable oxygen concentrators aren’t a luxury or a choice for COPD patients. They are a necessity. All oxygen concentrators work in the same way.

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) use the air around you and convert it into concentrated oxygen. The brilliance of having portable and concentrated oxygen means you have the concentrated oxygen you need in a mobile and portable oxygen unit. Since the POCs are pretty light and compact, they don’t need refilling.

All you need to do is recharge the POCs battery. The informational guide below lets you know about nine of the best POCs in the market today.

What Is COPD?

COPD is a term used for most kinds of progressive lung diseases. Some of these lung diseases include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Certain types of asthma
  • Restricted lung capacity due to smoking, work environments, and more

Since COPD represents various diseases, it’s important to know if the various diseases making up the COPD diagnosis have any differences you need to be aware of. You also need to know and recognize the symptoms of COPD. 

Symptoms of COPD 

Each person experiences COPD in different ways, but they do share some common symptoms. COPD common symptoms are:

  • Tightness in your chest 
  • Dry coughing 
  • Coughing with mucus
  • Breathlessness that gets worse over time
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent respiratory infections, and more

These symptoms don’t hit you all at once, and therefore many people feel like they are just getting older. Some people feel like they are slowing down and can’t be as active as they used to be. Sometimes people self-diagnose thinking they have the flu or a virus.

Testing and Diagnosing COPD

There is a COPD lung function test that can diagnose you almost as soon as you take it. The test is called the spirometry, and it tests your lung capacity by you blowing into a small machine as hard as you can.

CT scans can also show signs of COPD, so you must find out if you have COPD because the earlier you start COPD treatment, the better.

Treatments for COPD 

COPD has no cure, but relieving your symptoms gives you quality of life and keeps the disease from getting worse. Various prescription medicine can be prescribed for you if you have COPD. The drugs range from quick-relief drugs that open your airways to anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce your airway inflammation.

But for flare-ups and COPD symptoms you need immediate help with, it’s important to figure out what the best portable oxygen concentrators are. You also want to find out about they’re availability and cost.  

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC)

One of your goals if you have COPD is to stay active. You want to stay active, but you also want an effective treatment for your COPD discomfort and symptoms. There are nine portable oxygen concentrators listed below for you to consider to help alleviate your symptoms and pain.

1. Inogen One G5

The Inogen One G5 is from the respected COPD treatment family Inogen. It has a lightweight body making transporting it to where you need it most a task you can accomplish without difficulty. It also has a battery life of 13 hours for double battery units and 6.5 hours for single battery units. 

What’s more, the Inogen One G5 comes with a backpack for easy movability and lifetime technical support if you ever have any technical issues or concerns.

2. Philips Respironics

The Philips Respironics comes in two models with three modes. You can decide your desired level of liters received every minute. The Philips Respironics will deliver your concentrated oxygen even during your sleep breathing patterns.

What’s more, the Philips Respironics has a two-year warranty and comes with a carrying case.

3.  CAIRE, Inc.

CAIRE offers a four oxygen concentrator that offers high technology levels for those with COPD. Sometimes high technology may or may not work with populations that have COPD, so this is something to consider on an individual basis when you’re purchasing a POC. 

4. ResMed 

ResMed uses pulse-wave technology in an intuitive display for you to consider when using this POC. It also offers one of the longest-lasting life for the batteries available. ResMed is also very mobile due to its lightweight design. 

5.  Invacare

Invacare is a sensi-pulse technology mobile POC that is water and heat resistant. The Invacare can recharge in two hours and twenty minutes and has a battery life of five hours. It has multiple power options with a synced mobile app on your phone.

6.  Pure Medical

Pure Medical POC has a unique buy-back guarantee for its customers. Pure Medical also offers a lightweight POC, which helps you continue to have that active lifestyle you want and need. Pure Medical offers several varieties and brands of POCs if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop.

Just understand Pure Medical may not offer the singular support for a particular POC, but it’s convenient.

7.  Precision Medical EasyPulse PM4150

The Precision Medical EasyPulse PM4150 is known for its affordability, and it’s easy cleaning. It has only one filter, so cleaning is a breeze, and it also has a pulse-flow concentrator. It delivers consistent flow of concentrated oxygen and adjusts itself based on your breath rate.

8.  AirSep Focus

The AirSep Focus is the lightest POC in the market today. It has two micro-batteries, and it is a dependable and highly mobile POC for your day-to-day life or travels. The two micro batteries give you up to three hours of life, and it recharges in just four hours.

9.  iGO POC

The iGO POC is called the multi-functional POC if that’s what you’re looking for. You can receive supplemental oxygen if you need it and if there hasn’t been time to change anything out. It runs from 3 power sources and an audible alert system for oxygen sensing.

Staying Active and Treating Your COPD

The most important thing in living with COPD is getting portable oxygen concentrators that fit your lifestyle. The prime importance for you is to be able to take air from whatever room or environment you are in and convert it to 95% concentrated oxygen. Don’t suffer from another COPD attack.

There are POC options out there with clear-cut benefits. There’s a POC that will work for you, so don’t hesitate when you’re ready to stay and keep active.

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