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5 Ways to Put Your Personal Stamp on Your New Home

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Starting a new life at a new property can be exciting, as you will likely be looking forward to creating many wonderful memories at your new address. Every wall will also serve as a blank canvas for you to inject your personality into the space.

If you cannot wait to create a picture-perfect interior, but still need a little assistance in the design process, read the five ways you can put your personal stamp on your new home.

  1. Make a Room Feel Familiar

Take control of a room’s aesthetics once you arrive by adding your personal possessions. For example, you could quickly make a property feel like home by:

  • Adding family photographs
  • Placing your favorite books onto a shelf
  • Hanging your much-loved artwork
  • Adding cozy cushions, throw blankets and rugs

The above suggestions can change the look and feel of a room, as they can instantly turn a cold house into an inviting home.

  • A Distinctive Feature Wall

While feature wallpaper can add color and texture to a room, it could also lead to your property blending in with the many houses in your neighborhood. To create a distinctive space that will make people green with envy, you should use antiqued mirror tiles to create a feature wall that can complement both traditional and modern interiors. It is sure to become a focal point in any room within the home.

  • Add Luxury into Your Bathroom

The bathroom should not only be functional and fresh, but it should ooze luxury to encourage you to relax and unwind. As it is one of the most private rooms within the home, you owe it yourself to create a luxe experience that can help you to recharge your batteries.

For example, you could create your dream bathroom by installing a large shower enclosure or a freestanding bath. Plus, you could impress your guests by adding a wall-mounted TV, underfloor heating, scented candles, and high-quality towels. It is one room you’ll never want to leave.

  • Make Small Alterations

Small alterations can change the look and feel of your interior. For example, you could repaint your internal doors and skirting boards in a different color, which can instantly freshen up the space and add some personality. You also could display your taste by changing your door handles and light switches.

  • Decorate with Your Favorite Colors

Rather than following fleeting interior design trends that fail to reflect your personality, you should decorate your home in your favorite colors. As a result, you will feel instantly happy each time you step inside a room, as it will complement both your personality and taste.

If, however, you want to stick with a neutral color scheme to avoid routine renovations, add accessories using your favorite hues to bring your décor to life, which you can change throughout the years. For example, you could feature different-colored pillows, throws, artwork, and vases, which will add a burst of color onto a blank canvas.

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