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Spring Cleaning: 8 Ways To Declutter Your Home and Life

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Did you know that studies indicate clutter may increase stress, decrease productivity, and encourage unhealthy habits? Many people can associate excessive mess with a lack of control affecting neural networks.

Luckily, spring has sprung! The spring season symbolizes new beginnings and perfect opportunities to purge old ways and rearrange your space and mind. But if you don’t know where to start, consider this list of eight ways to declutter your home and life to get you started.

Back Up Important Files

Whether physical or digital, clutter can present itself in various ways and disturb your routine. Essential documents and photos need a designated space to avoid taking up room in your devices. Consider backing up files in cloud storage to keep your information and memories safe.

Delete, Delete, Delete

It’s safe to say that many people download apps on a whim. If you fall into the category, now might be the time to scroll through your app library and delete those apps that don’t serve a purpose.

You may want to consider scrolling through your photo albums and text messages and getting rid of blurry pictures and old threads.

Organize Files and Phone Apps

After cleaning out your devices, you should only have the most valuable items. What an ideal moment for rearranging! From moving apps around to color categorizing, you now have the chance to organize your phone, laptop, and other devices to improve your digital experience.

Take the Trash Out

Your home should be a place of peace. Reducing the clutter in your living space can help simplify navigation and add tranquility to your environment. Before organizing, consider tossing out old papers, cosmetics, and expired products that are unsafe to use.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Springtime also means warmer weather and lighter layers. With the change of seasons, it may be time to dive into your closet and sort out your wardrobe. You can separate clothing by season, donate pieces that no longer serve a purpose, and discard worn items to maximize your closet space.

Clear Out Your Schedule

Sometimes, overbooked schedules can make you feel like life is always on the go without a minute to spare.

If your life feels full and routines aren’t successful, consider looking at your schedule and clearing plans that do not benefit your well-being. You’ll reduce stress and chaos while making room for projects you enjoy.

Create a Planning System

Consider making a conscious effort to write down your plans and events. You can take an all-analog approach by using a calendar, planner, or digital journal to keep track of important dates.

Set Goals

One of the most effective ways to declutter your life is to set goals. Plan some time in your week to think about your future and what you wish to accomplish. Afterward, write down several short-term milestones to reach that can keep you on track.

So if you’re serious about spring cleaning, it’s time to devise a game plan and tackle those goals. By using these tips, you can declutter your home and life and simplify your space.

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