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Sniffles Be Gone: How To Keep Kids Healthy During the Winter

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To decrease the spread of germs, it’s up to us to be cautious, especially during the winter. To protect yourself and your young ones, adopt a few preventative measures during the cold season. Little ones’ immune systems are still growing—it’s up to us to protect them! Read on for some tips on how to keep kids healthy during the winter.

Limit Sugar Intake

From Halloween to New Year’s, there’s candy in every aisle at the store. You don’t have to ban sugar from your house completely, but high sugar intake can lead to systematic inflammation. Opt for healthier breakfast cereals and limit candy intake to one or two pieces a day. Kids who eat lots of sugary foods have depressed immune systems and are more susceptible to the common cold and the flu.

Let Them Rest

No matter your age, elevated stress levels have a negative effect on your immune system. Kids can be rambunctious, but they also get tired quickly. If they’re cranky, let them take a nap to recharge. Even if they’re not sleepy, offer them options for creative play. Whether it’s finger painting or enacting dramas with their dolls, calm and creative playing options keep them engaged—and indoors!

Listen for Sniffles

Is your child’s voice more nasal than usual? Are you wiping their nose with increased frequency? Call their pediatrician. Some children are more prone to sinus infections than others, and sinusitis can last for several weeks. Ease your little one’s discomfort by making an appointment with a sinus specialist. If they’re prescribed medication, make sure they take it every day.

Wash Hands Together

Washing hands thoroughly is a good practice before eating, after using the restroom, and after playtime. Wash your hands with them and sing 30 seconds of their favorite song together. They should be scrubbing their palms, between their fingers, and under their fingernails! When we all wash our hands diligently, we decrease the spread of infectious germs.

Offer Healthy Foods

Pack extra vitamins into your kids’ meals this winter. Fresh fruits with lots of vitamin C will boost their immune systems, and yogurt with probiotics will keep their digestive systems germ-free. In addition to healthy foods, pick up some multivitamins for them. A single vitamin-packed gummy every day will help their bodies—and immune systems—grow properly.

This winter, banish germs and disease from your home by keeping the little ones’ health in tip-top shape. Young immune systems need time to grow so they can fight off diseases more easily. Learn how to keep your kids healthy this winter and keep yourself healthy, too!

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