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11 Genius Storage Hacks To Maximize Every Space In Your Home

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Whether you have a 4,000 square foot home or a tiny studio apartment one of the most overlooked features of a home is the storage space. Most homes aren’t built with storage in mind, so you have to get a little creative when it comes to putting away every day items that are really good at collecting dust. That’s why these 12 storage hacks are worth using. You can buy some of them in stores, or, if you’re really handy, make them yourself! Check it out.

1. Headboard storage for books and memories


2. This room has more hidden spaces than the eye can see. In the floor, walls and in between!



3. Storage stairs for smaller items like shoes or backpacks


4. No cupboards? No problem! Put your fine dishware in your dining room booth!


5. No desk, either? How about one that fits your laptop and neatly hides the charger?


6.  More secret stair hideaways…


7. The dog food bin is huge, so get it out of sight by using the pull out drawers.


8. Space under your daybed works perfectly to store precious dinner ware, too!


9. Drawers on the side of a dinner bench? Didn’t even notice ’em.


10. Rolling cupboards have way more space than ones that simply open. Great for the smaller things like spices and sprinkles.


11. And, of course, the best space saver ever…under the king bed with storage room on the side!


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