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I Showed This Rescue Of A Homeless Dog To My 13 Year Old Daughter, It Brought Her To Her Knees (and Me Too)

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Miley, a homeless dog living in a pit of waste and garbage, is saved by some incredible people. It’s hard to watch her struggle to get up and at 2:12 when you see her paws close up, you’ll want to cry. She gets stronger by the day and at 3:20, Miley is offered a chance to pay it forward and help another puppy, and she meets the moment in the most fantastic way! You’ll try to make it through this one without crying or wanting to help, but don’t even bother.

CREDITS: This video is part of a project called Hope For Paws. If you want to help them continue doing their great work you can visit their site to donate, and share this video to spread the word!

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