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Scientists Studied Your Body And Discovered Where You Hide Love And Anger. Trust Me, It’s Weird.

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Scientists from Finland had about 700 participants color silhouettes when they were shown emotions as words, stories, movies or facial expressions. Warm colors were used to describe a heightened emotion, while blues and greens were used to show a decrease in emotion.

When scientists put the data together there was a pattern in where emotions were felt. “Anger was felt primarily in the head, chest and arm region, while happiness was something felt all over the body, especially concentrated in the head and chest region. Depression was an emotion depicted by a body devoid of sensation, especially in the chest region”, according to The Blaze article on the study.

Here’s a visual of how we feel our emotions. It’s pretty amazing.

You can go here to read more on the original study.


Bodily Map of Emotions


CREDITS: Original story found on The Blaze.

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