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Never Lose Your Cat Again With This GPS Collar Called “PawTrack”

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The sneaky and mischievous nature of a our feline friends often puts us in a state of anxiety when we can’t find them. Shaking the treats jar, calling their name and searching far and wide won’t do the trick – but this device is trying to change that.

Meet Pawtrack, a company that has created a GPS tracking collar designed specifically for cats. The company is currently seeking £15,000 (about $25,000) on Kickstarter.  PawTrack’s collar design puts the GPS antenna on the back of the animal’s neck for more accurate readings and lets owners set how often it tracks. cattrack1

PawTrack can be configured to track a cat for two days every 10 minutes, or be set for longer periods of time if owners go on vacation.cattrack2

Pawtrack also has internal wi-fi, which means that the collar can recognize when a cat is home and put itself to sleep to preserve energy. cattrack3

On the other hand, PawTrack’s “lost cat” mode will alert owners automatically once the cat is located.cattrack4



If you’re interested in getting a PawTracker and seeing more about this amazing product, check it out here on Kickstarter.

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