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New Outdoor Adventures To Try With Your Kids

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Childhood is an era of brand-new experiences. From day one, kids are greeted with new stimuli from a variety of sources. Next time cabin fever rears its head, give your young ones the gift of a new outdoor adventure. Try it with your kids and make it a family bonding occasion.

Go To a Fair

When the carnival comes to your town—or your kids’ school!—take the whole family for a day of games, a variety of rides, and classic fair food. Teach your young ones to win stuffed animals at the arcade, or join them on the Ferris wheel!


If you start your carnival time in the afternoon and stay into the evening, you’ll love the way the brightly colored lights illuminate the darkening sky.

Take a Boat Tour

Looking to get in touch with nature on your next vacation? Get a dose of the wilderness and experience underrated natural wonders with your family. Guided boat tours are an exciting and safe way to introduce young ones to the water for the first time. Idaho’s majestic Hells Canyon, for example, offers plenty of jet boat tours down the Snake River that many kids really enjoy!

Go Geocaching

Do your kids like treasure hunts? Give geocaching a try. Participants are given GPS coordinates that lead to caches, or small boxes of loot like keychains, coins, and pieces of jewelry. It’s a great way to discover new places around your city, or explore your destination when you’re on vacation. There are plenty of geocaching apps on the market that make it easy to get started.

Learn How To Forage

Do you know much about the plants that are native to your area? If not, engage in a practical science lesson with your kids by going for nature walks together—be sure to bring foraging guides along. Start by learning to identify plants that are poisonous or otherwise harmful; for example, every kid should learn what poison ivy looks like and how to steer clear.

Once you’ve learned to recognize your area’s most common plants, brainstorm ideas with your kids for how to use the edible ones. Dandelions in salad? Violets in syrup or jelly? The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re dreaming up vacation plans or simply encouraging your children to get out of the house, try a new outdoor adventure with your kids. You’ll bond more as a family, spend valuable time out in the sunshine, and make memories that are sure to last.

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