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Like a Pro: The Best Gift-Wrapping Tips From Experts

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Whenever a gift-giving occasion comes around, you find yourself in a sea of wrapping paper scraps and ribbon, but with a less than desirable wrapped package. While this may be the case for many, there are time-saving hacks and tricks from seasoned professionals who enjoy gift wrapping.

Take a look at the best gift-wrapping tips from experts that can help you improve your wrapping game.

Practice Your Skills

It helps to take your wrapping abilities for a test run before getting started. Doing so will allow you to identify mistakes and correct them before wrapping gifts. While it could take several attempts, you can consider the extra practice essential to perfecting your technique.

Create a Spacious Wrapping Station

Having a spacious area to move around, store supplies, and gift wrap is a significant step toward success. Whether on your dining room table or living room floor, you’ll want enough room to spread out and organize all the necessary materials.

It wouldn’t hurt to invest in quality supplies that make gift wrapping easier. Sharp scissors, a pop-up tape dispenser that you wear on your wrist, and a paper cutter are helpful tools to make a difference when wrapping gifts.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, you want a unique wrapping presentation. Skipping the traditional wrapping paper in favor of alternatives like magazine pages and recyclable paper can inspire your imagination for different techniques.

Always Measure Before Starting

Crisp, clean lines are significant details that can make a wrap job look better. Once you measure the box-to-paper ratio, you’ll want to make sharp creases on the corners and edges of the package to avoid leaving cut ends.

Add an Attractive Finishing Touch

The finishing touch on the box is where the gift-wrapping process comes together. If you consider yourself a more traditional gift wrapper, a large, attractive ribbon is a perfect choice. You may want to consider choosing the right ribbon for your gift to ensure all elements of the decoration flow together.

If you’re looking for an unconventional option, consider foliage, ornaments, or decor as the focal point of the wrap.

For some, gift wrapping may be a tedious task that doesn’t serve a purpose other than concealing the gift’s contents. But for others, it is the cherry on top of a much-anticipated cake filled with a heartfelt surprise. With these gift-wrapping expert tips, you can take your presentation to the next level.

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