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Anonymous Man Writes $128,000 Check And Saves Woman’s Life From Terminal Illness

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Stephanie Headley of Ottawa just received an anonymous visit that may completely save her life. After seeing Stephanie’s online fundraising campaign to help her pay for an expensive, out of country procedure, a man called her to see if he could deliver a check. Ten minutes later a tall, slender man in a disguise handed over a CA$128,000 check (about $119,000 USD) to cover a stem cell treatment for her autoimmune disorder. Stephanie said she collapsed in shock when she opened the envelope and saw the amount. “This is a miracle,” she told the CBC.

A 48-year-old single mother of four, is now scheduled to begin her treatment September 22nd at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She has an aggressive form of systemic scleroderma, which hardens the vital organs and connective tissue and makes Stephanie’s skin so tough that a needle cannot penetrate it.

Watch this a get chills. Now Stephanie has the chance to watch her children grow up, graduate and start families of their own, all because of one unknown man. Incredible.


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