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LaKeisha Filmed Herself At The Gym For 100 Days. We Dare You To Watch And Not Be Moved.

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Co-Founder of Inspire52. A writer, musician, content creator, and data analyst at heart.

Lakeisha weighs 348 pounds, is going through a steady depression, and thought of herself as undeserving of love, marriage or having kids. We’ve all been there before: exhausted by our day-to-day and tired of watching others thrive at something we may consider impossible to achieve for ourselves. But Lakeisha threw in the towel on feeling worthless and shows off a brand new attitude. Watch her video diary of the 100 days she spends on a journey to find motivation, health, and herself. Thank you for this fabulous inspiration, Lakeisha!

CREDITS: You can watch Lakeisha’s individual videos and browse through projects on 100. 100 is a website that allows anyone to try something new for 100 days and track their progress. It’s really cool, and we suggest you check it out if ever you’re in the market for a community of motivation!

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