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Ask This Woman How Many Children She Has And Without Hesitation She’ll Say, ’32’.

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Annmarie Richards, 54, is a salesperson for Unicity International, a company that sells products that “improve overall physical health and wellness,” according to its website. Annemarie only does this, though, for supplemental income. Her full-time job is “Mom.” Annmarie has 32 children to look after and does so voluntarily. She operates on the sole premise of unconditional love for them and seeing them become a success story under her care. If this video hit 50,000 plays before April 10, the Make Life Better Foundation, Richards’ employer, Unicity’s, charity foundation, will donate a computer lab to Richards’ kids. He has surpassed that mark. A true testament to the power of coming together for the greater good of all.

CREDITS: GoBoka via YouTube H/T Huffington Post

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