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Eco-Friendly Upgrades for Your Older Home

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Although older, period homes may be beautiful and filled with history; they are not known for their eco-friendly or energy-efficient nature. Modern homes are equipped with energy-saving or otherwise environmentally-friendly features that period homes unfortunately lack. This issue is made more difficult by the fact that is it often complex to make modifications to period homes without damaging them or losing some of their traditional character. However, many non-invasive upgrades can make an older home more eco-friendly. Read on to hear about some of the best environmentally friendly upgrades you can make to your period home.


We all know that when it comes to protecting the environment, recycling is key. But why stop there? Upcycling is the process of actually upgrading your old furniture and potentially transforming it into a new piece entirely. You can upcycle just about anything, from sanding down a chest of drawers and giving it a lick of paint, to getting new fabric coverings for soft furnishings. There are many useful guides and tutorials online that can show you how to tackle particular pieces of furniture. It’s amazing the difference a bit of DIY can make to a period property, and it can all be done without any waste or damage to the environment, and without compromising your home’s heritage.

New timber windows

Period homes often feature highly inefficient windows that let a lot of heat out and a lot of cold in. However, homeowners may be reluctant to get new windows in case they do not match the traditional aesthetic of the house. This is an understandable concern, as uPVC windows probably would look a little out of place in a Victorian townhouse! Fortunately, there are many timber window manufacturers that offer authentic wooden windows that fit seamlessly into the design of older homes while also being much more energy-efficient, draught-proof and secure than much older windows. Modern window makers can combine period aesthetics such as Victorian or Georgian with modern features such as double glazing and extra secure locking mechanisms. Replacing old windows is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your older home more efficient and does not mean you have to compromise on style or heritage.

LED lights in vintage styles

LED lights are considerably more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, so are great for the environment. These days, there are many fittings that can suit any property, old or new. Swapping out your old light fittings for LEDs could be a great way to make your home more environmentally friendly and save on your energy bills, while still maintaining a vintage aesthetic. Shop around for different light fittings that would suit the style of your property.

Fill gaps with draught strips

Draught strips are a great solution for preserving energy in your period home. They can be used to plug gaps in windows and doors to prevent heat escaping and therefore, can reduce your energy use and bills. They are a good non-invasive, temporary fix for draught problems and can be applied without any compromise to your home’s style.

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