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How To Prepare for Summer Hiking Trips

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Hiking is a fun summer activity that you can do with all your friends and family. Warm weather, sunshine, and clear skies are the perfect conditions for a hike. Before you go out in the wilderness, it is helpful to prepare yourself mentally and physically first and learn how to stay safe on the hiking trails. Here are a few tips that will teach you how to prepare for summer hiking trips.

Work on Cardio

Walking on the winding hiking trails is a fantastic cardio workout. To prepare your cardiovascular system for this endeavor, consider taking short walks around your neighborhood every day or using the bicycles and treadmills at the gym. It’s more fun to hike when your body is prepared, and it also helps to reduce any soreness the next day.

Train and Strengthen

After your cardio workouts, remember to strengthen your muscles as well. Since most hikers prefer to carry a backpack, it’s helpful to train not only your legs but also your core, arms, and back. It is a great idea to start training a few weeks in advance and then take a couple of days off right before the hiking trip.

Know What To Pack

Another tip to remember while learning how to prepare for summer hiking trips is to pack plenty of supplies. Since you will be away from civilization, it is vital to pack all the necessary equipment. An emergency kit, plenty of food and water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and more are all excellent items to pack. While you want to have all the important supplies, make sure your backpack is light enough for you to carry it for a long time.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

Summer and sunshine go hand in hand, so you should prepare yourself for the UV rays. To protect yourself, remember to wear plenty of sunscreen and bring additional sunscreen in case it rubs off over time. Also, you can bring sunglasses, lip balm, a hat or cap, and more. Due to the hot weather, it is also essential to protect yourself against heat stroke. To do this, wear comfortable clothing that breathes, bring an insulated cup with ice or a cool drink, and remember to take breaks and find shade.

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