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Creative Ways To Fundraise In The Summer

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Giving back is even easier in the summer, as the weather warms and the days grow longer. With more welcoming temperatures, summer provides a whole slew of charitable opportunities outdoors. One of the most impactful ways to support different kinds of organizations to volunteer with in the summer, other than sharing your time, is to raise money. Often, charitable organizations have tight budgets, making any monetary donation seriously helpful. Below, you’ll read more about creative ways to fundraise in the summer so that you can support the charity of your choice this season.

Beach Volleyball Competition

Beach volleyball is one of the best ways to enjoy the beach, so why not raise some money playing the game for your favorite charity? Gather friends, family members, and community members to join you in a friendly beach volleyball tournament fundraiser.

If your local beach offers beach volleyball courts, check for renting availability. If there are no available sand courts, you can create your own with a portable net and some nylon rope for the outlines. Require each team to raise money for entry into the tournament.

See if you can get gift card or merch donations from local shops and restaurants as prizes for the winning teams. Regardless, everyone’s sure to have a blast in the sun and the sand while playing for a cause.

BBQ Party/Cook-Off

Nothing says summer like a fired-up grill. Put your BBQ skills to the test in a barbecue cook-off between local amateur cooks. Individuals can purchase tickets to taste various BBQ samples all day long with the intent to vote on their favorite at the end. You can then redirect profits from ticket sales to the charitable organization of your choosing.

To help build traction for your event, have local BBQ restaurants highlight the event on their social media pages. Getting local BBQ hot spots to participate in the cook-off will bring an even bigger audience.

Fun Runs

Soon enough, we’ll have 5Ks seemingly every weekend the way we did before the pandemic. 5Ks, 10Ks, and other fun runs are some of the most successful ways to raise money for charity. Organize a safe and comprehensive route with city event planners. Get sign-ups going, and soon you’ll have ample proceeds to give to charity.

A Themed Bar Crawl

If you’re not a runner, don’t fret—some other creative ways to fundraise in the summer will get you around town without involving exercise. A themed bar crawl is sure to go over well this summer, especially as bars and restaurants begin to open back up to full capacity.

A clever way to get folks to buy tickets for the bar crawl is to attach a theme to it and provide giveaway items at the breweries and bars. Another way to boost your bar crawl fundraising outcome is to entice guests with live music or other entertainment, pay-to-play games, and complimentary drink tickets.

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