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How to Create a Dental Practice with a Difference

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Setting up shop in the healthcare profession can be incredibly challenging: getting a license to open your practice, and perhaps even a certificate to operate under the national healthcare provider, can all place massive significance on the success of your new business. As a dental practitioner who is looking to open their own business, you should still be thinking like a company owner; your business should offer something unique to customers that will make them choose you over a nearby dental practice.

Impeccable customer service

With the stereotype of patients fearing, or even avoiding, the dentist, it’s vital that your dental practice excels at customer service. Whether it’s the receptionists who check in patients and their families or the dentists themselves, you should be offering patients customer service that leaves them feeling as comfortable as possible, regardless of what treatment they’re in for. However, there are several ways of achieving this that go beyond the mantra of ‘have a nice day’:

  • Having empathy with patients is particularly vital in an industry which is renowned for causing customers to feel some level of apprehension. Showing that they’re completely safe and in capable hands as well as understanding their worries is one of the best aspects of customer service you can offer them.
  • Going the extra mile for people who use your service is one of the best ways to make patients feel valued. Whether you offer them additional furniture if they feel uncomfortable, or offer them the opportunity to give feedback, patients will want to return if they feel you’ve gone out of your way to provide a good service.

Quality products and design

The look and feel of your dental practice should want to make customers return time and time again. Putting comfortable chairs in the waiting room and genuinely interesting reading material will already put you ahead of some practices. Everyone remembers sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room with only low-budget magazines to read. If there is a demand for light-reading in your practice, ensure that the content of your magazines is not offensive or upsetting – children and young adults will inevitably be looking through these magazines too, and you want to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible. On top of this, it’s wise to invest in décor and interior design that reflects your brand.

In terms of the tools in your dentist, ensure that you have the highest quality materials to work with, and products to offer customers. For example, a child who needs a better brushing routine could be offered a new toothbrush to encourage them to brush more regularly. Searching for ‘dental products UK’ will uncover plenty of results, but using an online provider, such as this one, you can easily select all the products that you need.

To create a dental practice with a difference, you will want an environment that showcases the best of your brand. Your unique selling point should be apparent to everyone who sets foot in your practice, and it should be enough to make them choose you over another dentist. Above all, however, your customer service should be exceptional.


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