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A Guy In The Philippines Is Making The Most Earth-Friendly And Eye-Popping Sculptures You’ve Ever Seen.

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James Doran-Webb grew up all over the world, but has been living in Cebu City in the Philippines for 26 years where he runs his workshop. His parents were antique dealers which meant James spent a lot of his childhood traveling and exploring countless cities for them to continuing pursuing their profession. James spent a lot of time in his parents’ workshop assisting his parents with restoration. His upbringing sparked his passion for art, whittling, carving and refinishing. The galloping horses below are the result of years of expertise, crafting and having a very keen eye for creating otherworldly architecture with recyclable material left behind by nature.


James prides himself on being able to see potential in things other might call “trash”. The hardest part of his artistic process is finding the right pieces.galloping-horses-made-from-driftwood-by-james-doran-webb-2

He began his driftwood furniture in the early 2000’s and it was during this time he began experimenting with animal sculptures.

Although he does look for wood himself, James also pays the locals in Cebu to help him acquire the essential pieces to create his next work.galloping-horses-made-from-driftwood-by-james-doran-webb-6

Each of the these sculptures stands at around 6ft tall and is made from approximately 400 pieces of driftwood of varying sizes built around a stainless steel skeleton.



To see more of James Doran-Webb’s work, check out his website. He does more than just horse sculptures and will even deliver one to you 🙂

Watch how James makes these stunning art works:

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