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Home Care vs Nursing Home Care: Which Is the Best?

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What’s the scariest part about getting older? Falling.

Every year 2.8 million senior citizens find themselves in the emergency room because of a fall. Thankfully by taking the right precautions, you can prevent falls from happening in the first place.

For instance, moving into a nursing facility or hiring someone to provide in-home care, can help lessen the chances of a fall taking place. However, it can be difficult trying to choose between the 2 options.

Is in-home care better than living in a nursing home? Read on to find out the trust about home care vs nursing home facilities.

Home Care vs Nursing Home

When it comes to home care vs nursing home options, home care wins every time. Why is home care better than nursing home care?

First, in-home care is the best way to help seniors maintain a sense of independence. During in-home caregiving, the caregivers encourage patients to do as much as they can on their own. 

Increased Family Involvement

Instead of having to adhere to a facility’s visiting hours, patients can enjoy visits at any time of the day. Since family members can visit more frequently, they’ll be more likely to help out on a more regular basis. When a patient is sick or feeling down, a quick visit from a family member can be the perfect way to boost morale. 

Continuity of Care

Instead of bouncing from 1 set of nurses to the next as the day changes, patients will usually have care from the same nurse or team of nurses. Seniors can begin to build trusting relationships with their health care providers, which makes for a higher level of care. Another plus is that the doctor will usually stay the same, making it easier to maintain a consistent care routine.

Lower Costs

If cost is something that’s holding you back from choosing home care, you’ll be happy to know it’s usually less expensive than the cost of a full-time residency at a nursing facility. You can choose to hire someone for the entire day, or only have them stop by the house for a couple of hours. Seniors who are afraid of being a financial burden can be happy knowing that their in-home care is affordable.

Safe and Healthy Atmosphere

Finally, by choosing home care over a nursing facility, you’ll be choosing the safer of the 2 options. Unfortunately, infections are common in nursing homes.

Research shows there are over 1.5 million seniors are living in nursing homes today. Out of those 1.5 million nursing home residents, there are at least 2 million infections that occur every single year. Instead of having to worry about getting sick or infected, patients can rest easy in the comfort of their own home with in-home care.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

What new benefits were you able to learn today about home care vs nursing home facilities? Were you shocked to learn it can be more affordable to hire someone to come to the house? Or was it surprising for you to discover that nursing home facilities are infamous for infections?

We hope our article will help guide you as you move through this time of transition. For more articles like this one, check out the rest of this site.

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