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6 Reasons to Be a Midwife

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There have been midwives, or variations of this particular type of nurse, for centuries. Midwives essentially attend births and help mothers during their labor, ensuring that the baby is born safely. A midwife needs to be highly trained, especially as they may need to give first aid to either the mother or the baby once it is born.

In the US, midwives have a different role to those in other countries, and aren’t going to be at every birth. However, the idea of using a midwife, especially when it comes to having a home birth, is gaining popularity, and more and more midwives are needed to cover the requirement. This is a hugely rewarding career, but not one that might immediately spring to mind. If you’re considering becoming a midwife, here are some of the reasons why it’s a great idea.

Caring for Patients

One of the biggest draws of being a midwife and obtaining a midwifery degree is that you are able to truly care for your patients in a time that is both wonderful and frightening. It’s a time that will be remembered forever, and your care and attention is going to make it much more memorable and more nostalgic to look back on.

If you have chosen to be a midwife, you will have a serious interest in caring for both women and babies, and this interest can be combined in one amazing job. You will need to be a caring and compassionate person to make a good midwife, as well as someone who is able to understand potentially complex medical information. This is why this is not a job that everyone could and should do; it is only open to those who are able to manage to be their best selves and help others as much as possible.

Varied Locations

As a midwife, you will often get to travel to different women’s places of residence in order to attend home births. This means you never have to stay and work in one location, and although you can’t necessarily choose your own hours, because babies won’t be considerate enough to come during office, you will be able to travel around your area, meet lots of new people, and explore new places as you go through your day to day working life.

Having a constantly changing working environment is one of the ways that you can continue to enjoy your job, even if you are doing the same thing, day in and day out. Of course, as a fully trained midwife you won’t be doing the same things over and over, so having a change of location is something that can be considered a bonus in a career that already has many highlights.

Continued Training

Training is a crucial part of any career that you want to take seriously and do well in. When it comes to any kind of medical profession, training is perhaps even more important. You will need to know about any changes to policy, to legislation, and to techniques that are going to make everything safer for the patient and easier for you. Understanding this is one thing, but not all workplaces allow for training to take place as regularly as it should.

In midwifery, there is constant additional training on offer. You can enhance your degree at any time by taking additional courses and there are plenty of resources to read and digest if you want to do less formal training. Since this is such an important area of medicine, new ideas are always coming to the fore, so if you want a job that gives you plenty to be interested in and will keep you learning, midwifery will certainly offer you that.


Perhaps the main reason why people start learning to become a midwife in the beginning is that they get to be with babies all the time. In fact, they get to be there when the baby takes its first breath and looks around for the first time, and this is something very special indeed. Apart from the midwife and perhaps a doctor, the only other people who get to experience this are the parents themselves (and their birthing partners). They only do it a small number of times, though, depending on how many children they have; for midwives, this is a daily event, perhaps more than once a day, yet the wonder and beauty of the experience never goes away.

To be able to hold a baby in the instant that it is born and to be the first to welcome it to the world is something that draws many people to the profession of midwifery.

Women’s Health

A midwife is often going to be someone who cares about babies, as mentioned above, but this is also the ideal role to take and train for if you are passionate about women’s health. Having a deep understanding of what the female body has to go through when giving birth is going to help you work out an aftercare plan that is going to ensure a healthy recovery as quickly as possible.

Although the baby is clearly extremely important, for the most part, they won’t have been traumatized by their birth, even if it took longer than was expected or there were some complications. The mother, however, is entirely different; her body will have been through significant trauma, and she will need plenty of care and attention once the baby has been delivered. If you are keen to help women recover, then being a midwife could well be the ideal career for you.

A Secure Role

Since people aren’t going to stop having children, the role of midwife is a secure job too; there will always be a need for midwives whether that is in a clinical setting, in a hospital, or at a home birth (depending on what the mother has chosen as her preferred method of giving birth).

There are very few jobs that can offer such impressive longevity, and with the job market being an uncertain place, it’s great for people to be able to have a career in which they can stay until they retire if that is what they want to do. In fact, there are ample opportunities to become a higher skilled midwife too, so you not only have a career that is safe and secure, you also have one in which you can progress at whatever rate you want to.

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