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Get Ready For Goosebumps…This Wild Goose Fell So In Love With This Retiree They Put It In A Zoo.

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For two years Dominic Ehrler, and the goose he’s dubbed as “Mario”, have shared a special bond that started in Echo Park, a public space in Los Angeles.


While the rest of the geese scurried at the sight of humans approaching them, Mario gravitated toward the former salesman and never left his side.


The goose waited for Dominic to return every day although he had never fed the goose or tried to court him. Mario would follow him everywhere, even taking flight next to Dominic as he would leave the park on his scooter.


Since the first airing of the story on CBS Evening News in 2011, city officials took the goose from the park and placed him in a zoo for the animal’s protection.Dominic visits the goose morning after morning, spending hours with him. He’s done so for the past three years, hardly missing a day.“He knows I’m his friend,” he told CBS News. “When you realize than an animal has this unconditional love for you, what do you do?”


Watch CBS’ follow up on the unbreakable bond between Dominic and Mario:

CREDITS: CBS Evening News

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