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Girl With Genetic Disorder Proves All Of Her Doctors Wrong, And Her Mom Was There To Film It.

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Michelle Nagle and her husband first met their daughter Eden in the hospital room like most parents of healthy children – and they fell in love immediately. It wasn’t until Eden was developing that they noticed something was different. Although they found out Eden did have a rare genetic disorder, this is their journey with their baby girl…it’s a beautiful one.

Eden was clearly struggling when it came time to start doing average things that able-bodied children do.eden1

They found out she had a rare genetic disorder.eden2

Thinking she would never walk, or crawl, or be mobile at all…Eden proved that her disorder could not defeat her strength.eden3

This video shows just what happened… and it’s miraculous:

Eden proves that no matter what odds you are facing, you should never give up. Please share her amazing with others.

Source: Michelle Nagle

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