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Fun Ways To Chill Out This Autumn

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Autumn is right on our doorstep, which means the long sunny afternoons are about to suddenly disappear from view. Many prefer autumn to summer thanks to its frosty pale mornings and vivid red trees lining the pavements. However, we might not want to spend quite as much time lazing in the sun, as the temperature is no longer quite what it was. Both school and work suddenly seem to increase in intensity during this time of year, and so the need to chill out is all the more pertinent. Here are a few ways to relax as the evenings get ever so shorter. 

Book a spa day

Summer is certainly the best time to swim outdoors, thanks to the comfortable temperature outside. However, that doesn’t mean we should give up on the past time entirely. If you want to pretend it’s a summer paradise outside, then book yourself in for a spa day or weekend. Spa resorts are often dotted with palm trees and full of steam rooms that evoke warmer tropical climates. There’s nothing wrong with booking a back massage to pretend your in the warm tropics of Bali, rather than say, Milton Keynes. 

Create your own sanctuary

One of the best aspects of summer is the ability to chill out for hours in the pub garden. Now that this requires a few more layers, you may not wish to spend your hard-earned cash on drinks in the freezing cold. Instead, turn your home into your own sanctuary. Turn your living room into a cosy space to read a book, or listen to music. For those who vape, you won’t need to keep popping outside either. Why not treat yourself to cartridges, too, from brands such as Ultimate Juice. You can enjoy your favourite flavour without having to apologetically step outside into the smoking area. 

Take up Yoga

When we think of relaxation, yoga often immediately comes to mind. This practice of breathing coupled with stretching and building strength leaves its participants feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Poses like the side-plank and tree-pose are great for creating stability and core strength. Yoga is also a brilliant way to meet new friends, and establish routine in your everyday life. If you want to give your morning a brisk shake-up, then why not take your practice outside? 

Journal creatively

Many of us get stressed out by the endless spin-cycle in our heads on a daily basis. Not being able to process our thoughts properly can be an endless source of stress, particularly if we can’t fully articulate how to solve them. Writing a journal is a great way to acknowledge your thoughts and work out some solutions to make your life better. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to doodle, draw and get creative; illustrating your thoughts could create some illuminating artwork. 

Why not make the autumn period stressed out time to fully unwind? Just because the days and nights have a bit of a sting in the air doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect time to find respite and relaxation. Find a space to be creative and be sure to put some time aside to indulge in the finer pleasures of life. 

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