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4 Ways To Increase Smarter Recycling in Your Home

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As time moves forward, so does global awareness. Civilians are beginning to take the necessary steps to preserve the planet by reducing their carbon footprint and cleaning oceans. Now, more than ever, people are learning how recycling impacts the earth and what to do to make it a better place.

So here are a few different ways to increase smarter recycling in your home. With the benefit of improving recycling habits in your living space, you’ll also impact those around you positively.

Sort Your Trash and Recycling

Before you do anything else, one of the first ways to increase smarter recycling in your home is by sorting through your trash and recycling. After someone finishes a jar of pasta sauce, it sometimes ends up in the garbage instead of a recycling bin. Take the time to clean your recyclables before moving them to their designated container.

Cleaning off glass jars, plastic bottles, or recyclables will prevent you from mistakenly putting them in the trash. By making this small change, you’ll effectively reduce the amount of waste in landfills and appropriately place them where they need to go.

Go Beyond Plastic, Paper, and Glass

Recycling doesn’t stop at the three basic recycling materials. You can recycle old clothes, furniture, and even school supplies. Donating clothes is a great form of recycling, as it gives families in need access to the items they require. A t-shirt or jacket you haven’t touched in years can significantly benefit someone else.

Additionally, giving away old furniture to a secondhand store will allow someone to acquire something comfortable to sit or sleep on. So, look through your belongings and see what you’re willing to part with for the comfort of someone else.

Purchase Recycled Goods

In the same vein as donating recycled goods, you should consider purchasing recycled goods on your typical shopping list. Examples include egg cartons made with recycled materials, clothing made from recycled fibers, etc.

By buying recycled goods, you help encourage the continuous loop of the recycling process. That way, virgin materials won’t end up going to waste. You give recycled goods a second life while helping the planet.

Place Recycling Bins Throughout Your Home

While trash bins might sit in every bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, recycling bins tend to only sit outside the house. As a result, recycled goods have a higher chance of ending up in the garbage when they shouldn’t.

But you can change this by placing smaller recycling bins throughout your home. This will gradually increase the awareness of other residents in your home while helping with sorting recycling.

Recycling is an excellent opportunity to preserve the planet and make it a better place. Do your part and start being more thoughtful about recycling today.

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