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Forget America: Road Trip Across Canada

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Sometimes the US can shadow its Canadian neighbors; after all, the US is a vast country with plenty to see. That does not mean, however, people should favor the US over Canada. Instead, of an American road trip, why not a Canadian one? There’s plenty to see and do, and it’s different. Become the envy of your family and friends, and see the unforgettable scenery and iconic landmarks Canada has to offer.


Canada is vast, and traveling can be expensive. Therefore, seeing the entirety of Quebec can be difficult, especially when on a budget. When it comes to Quebec, the most notable cities are Quebec City and Montreal. Compared to the size of the province, you may feel as if you’re not seeing a lot of the spectacular landmarks, however, there is plenty to witness in these few cities.

In Quebec City, visit Montmorency Falls, Old Quebec, the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame and the Plains of Abraham. Drive towards Montreal and view the Montreal Botanical Gardens, the Old Port of Montreal and Saint Joseph’s Oratory, before slowly visiting Montreal’s neighboring cities and towns. For example, if you’re an avid skier, then detouring to Mont-Tremblant is ideal. While there, witness the magnificent Laurentian Mountains and walk the shores of Lake Tremblant. Stay awhile and treat yourself to a luxurious stay in hotels such as https://www.chateaubeauvallon.com. Once you’ve indulged in the winter sports on offer, move on to the next province, Ontario, and stay in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.


Most famed for Ottawa, Canada’s capital, travelers will be able to visit and explore Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal and the National War Memorial. Travelers will also want to make their way to see Niagara Falls, and plan visits to Southern Ontario, where hikers can experience the lakes and forests of the Killarney Provincial Parks and the Bruce Peninsula National Park. For those who wish to stumble across a hidden gem, they should factor in the Quetico Provincial Park in North-western Ontario for pristine lakes and picturesque forests, and experience the Thousand Islands, which are a group of 1,800 plus islands in the St. Lawrence River.

Additionally, travelers will want to make their way to Toronto, a major Canadian city found along Lake Ontario. Like most major cities, Toronto is a metropolis, filled with skyscrapers and the famous CN Tower. However, for those who are wishing to escape large cities, Toronto has a large selection of parks on offer, such as Queen’s Park and High Park.


Many people will drive from Toronto to Winnipeg when crossing borders. It’s a long drive but incredibly worth it. There are many national parks on the way, and beautiful scenery will forever keep you busy. In turn, Winnipeg is a historical destination which makes the long drive and gas money worthwhile. Once arriving, you’ll want to visit The Forks, and due to the city’s large number of parks, there are usually many festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Therefore, before arriving research any events taking place.

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