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This Disabled Boy Adopted A Dog Hit By A Train. Their Story Melted The Internet’s Heart.

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Owen Howkins, 7, suffers from Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a rare genetic condition that leaves his muscles in a permanent state of tension. Not only does it make moving painful and difficult, it’s made Owen fearful of people. He’s painfully shy…


In this photo you can see how tense Owen is. This is him relaxed. It looked like he’s “flexing”owenhaatchi2

Owen is constantly in pain. Even sitting down takes energy from this strong little guy.owenhaatchi3

His parents were concerned and decided to do something to make Owen’s life more joyful. His mother heard about a dog named Haatchi online. He was an Italian shepherd that had been tied to a railroad track where he was hit, and his tail and one leg had to be amputated. Owen’s family adopted the dog, and Haatchi and Owen formed a bond straight away.owenhaatchi4

Owen illustrates the sad day when Haatchi was hit. owenhaatchi5

His mother says there was an immediate bond because they both recognized their differences from others. owenhaatchi7

There’s no doubt that Haatchi is incredibly happy to finally be in a loving home. His tail has been wagging ever since meeting Owen.


 But more importantly, the little boy with the big heart and shy mind has been changed forever.owenhaatchi8


Here’s the short documentary two students from the University of Hertfordshire made about Owen and Haatchi:

This story has impacted many people in an incredible way. Share it with your friends, they should know about this beautiful bond!

CREDITS: Buzzfeed. Original video courtesy of “A Boy and His Dog” on YouTube.

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