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Cybersecurity Tips While You Work From Home

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As safety precautions continue into the new year, many people have found themselves working from home. Companies’ newfound reliance on home networks has made it imperative for employees to boost their cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are always finding new ways to penetrate vulnerable networks. To prevent malware and cybercrime from happening within your network, review the following effective cybersecurity tips while you work from home.

Keep Your Employer’s VPN on

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, use data encryption to protect the information swapped between employees and their employers. VPNs are intended to shield company networks from cybercriminals. They are essential to preserving the integrity of sensitive data pertaining to the business.

While working from home, it is likely you are still connected to your employer’s VPN. Since it serves as a security measure, the VPN should remain on while your work device is in use. When you are accessing company data from a personal device or a public network, be sure to log into the VPN first.

Update Software ASAP

Software updates nix any minor bugs and security flaws. Do not delay software updates on your devices. When you are notified of a new software version, update your device as soon as possible.

Consider a Wired Network

A wired network is substantially less susceptible to cybercrime because of its direct connection with work devices. Consider connecting your at-home workstation to your router.

Home and business connections are among the most popular uses of Ethernet cables, specifically Cat5e cables. Not only will your computer’s network be secure, but you will experience a speedier internet connection.

Separate Work and Leisure Devices

Avoid using your work device for personal use. Recreationally surfing the internet with your work device may jeopardize its security.

You are more likely to expose your and your company’s data to hackers and malware when you tend to personal tasks on your work device. The same goes for working on business projects from your personal device.

To stream shows, scroll through social platforms, and do other digital leisure activities, use a personal tech device. For all work-related material, utilize your employer-provided equipment.

Implement various cybersecurity tips while you work from home to protect you and your company from cybercrime. As the digital landscape grows, so do its threats. Ensure your work from home experience is as smooth and efficient as possible by adopting security measures.

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