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OMG. Best Card Trick Ever. Watch Till The Very End.

Magic is the calculation of probability and Chief Illusionist Eric Leclerc shows his mind-bending, card trick skills off by reading our minds through a...

She Bought Eggs At the Grocery Store…You’ll Never Guess What Happened When She Brought Them Home.

Mandy Clayton wanted some quail eggs for a salad she was making. Now, I've never had quail eggs or this crazy idea, but she...

Four Rings, One Guy And Pure Wizardry Will Completely Trick Your Eyes Into Believing Everything You’re About To See.

Lindzee Poi is a French juggler who turns a set of juggling rings into a "mind warping finger dance." Your eyes will really think the...

Watch: Lion King On Broadway Cast Takes Their Entire Flight By Surprise When They Belt Out “Circle Of Life” Before Takeoff!

Virgin Australia Flight 0970 had no idea what was coming for them when member of Disney On Broadway's "Lion King" cast boarded the plane....

Check Out This Collection Of Sorcery By A “Vine” Magician That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind.

Zach King...I don't know how you do it, and I don't really care. Every one of these clips is a short six seconds of...

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