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World’s 25 Top Tourism Destinations for 2016

Life has a way of creeping in on us.  You won’t notice it passing by until it smacks you right on your face.  The...

Killer Whales Chase After A Married Couple On A Speed Boat. I Had No Idea This Could Happen, But I’m Happy They Filmed It!

Rich Howard and his wife were on a vacation in Mexico celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. They went out on a boat and a...

Watch: Wolves Have The Power To Completely Alter Nature, And You’re About To Find Out How.

Did you know that the last pack of grey wolves was eradicated from Yellowstone National Park in the 1920s. And it was at this...

This Quiz Knows The Real You And Will Tell You What City You Should Actually Live In.

Whether you love your current residence or you're itching for a change, this BuzzFeed quiz asks you the tough questions like, "How do you...

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