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Best Ways To Make Your Home Absolutely Zen

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You deserve to feel good the moment you step into your home. Make it happen when you incorporate balance and harmony into your living space. The best ways to make your home absolutely Zen are to update the décor and play with elements that perk your senses. Discover peace and tranquility when you follow these tips and tricks.

Think Minimal

While Zen spaces aren’t necessarily minimal, you can create calm by purging your living areas of clutter. Acquire storage that suits your space, so everything has a proper place. Organize with shelving, multifunctional furniture, and cabinets.

Stick to Earthy Colors

Look at photos of any Zen space, and you’ll mostly see greens, browns, and blacks. The more you stick to natural colors, the better your space will flow. If you love pink and blue, consider how shades like blush and turquoise work in natural spaces.

Use Natural Materials

Using natural materials, like brick, bamboo, and fur, in your Zen décor is the best way to give it the right textures. These materials are soft and already colored with shades that match an earthy décor.

Include Plants

It’s difficult to pull off Zen home décor without some greenery. Even the addition of one bamboo plant can instantly transform your space into a tranquil oasis. Fresh green plants liven up your living space and give you energy for your day. Whether you keep real or fake plants in your space, you’ll enjoy similar benefits. In addition to bamboo, some of the best plants for a Zen space include:

  • Ferns
  • Bonsai trees
  • Succulents
  • Spider plants
  • Pet grass


Place different types of gardens in your space to promote tranquility. Zen gardens often include sand for raking into unique patterns.

Pair Sound and Smell

In addition to what you see and feel in your space, sound and smell are important too. Use a Bluetooth speaker to play soothing sounds from your phone. Incorporate calming aromas when you choose Nest diffuser scents that bring elegance and serenity to any space. You can change the vibe of your space when you choose different fragrances.

Balance Textures and Colors

Creating a Zen space is about balance. Choosing only two or three colors and textures is key to keeping your space simple. Try not to overwhelm your design with one pattern or shade when you create harmonious designs. Think holistically about your living space to make it comfortable and centered.

Let In Soft Light

An important aspect of any interior design is the lighting. Use soft light in relaxing living spaces. Natural light is best when using natural shades and materials. If your windows allow a lot of sunlight, use sheer curtains to shield the amount of light you receive. Further, you can use lamps with shades that cast a dim glow.

The best ways to make your home absolutely Zen are to use natural colors and textures in your décor. Embrace soft materials, colors, and lights. Harsh smells and tones can throw off your Zen. Take inspiration from your favorite outdoor spaces when you create an indoor oasis that brings you peace.

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