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Artsy Tips: How To Get Design Inspiration for Jewelry Making

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Making jewelry is a fun pastime for some and a career for others, and it requires a lot of creativity and thinking. While creating new pieces may be a breeze sometimes, every jewelry maker hits a rut where they can’t think of new ideas. If this sounds all too familiar, then it’s time to try out new tips on how to get design inspiration for jewelry making. Creative sparks are all around you, and with a bit of guidance, you can learn to spot them!

Take a Walk Outside

Get out in nature and look around; flowers or insets may give you some new ideas for designs. Anything from a day at the beach to a walk through the woods could inspire you because different shapes and textures surround you in nature. Explore firsthand how colors interact, which may get those creative juices flowing!

Look at Recent Designs

Keep up with the many artistic trends. Art is influential and interconnected, so check out other popular designs online for a little spark. If you make engagement rings, then look at the ring styles and settings you need to know. And if you can’t find anything inspiring online, talk to colleagues. By looking at other people’s work, you may find metal-gemstone pairings you wouldn’t have imagined.

Pro-Tip: Look at Old Designs

Many designers get inspiration by looking at trends from the past. For example, you could visit your nearest art museum or look at past jewelry styles. Fashion is cyclical, and some fashions from the past influence the present.

Pull Out Your Sketchbook

Get your sketchbook out and have a bit of fun. Rather than getting hung up on your struggles to create, let your mind take over. While there’s a chance these end up just being doodles, you may also reignite that part of yourself. 

Take a Break

The final tip on how to get design inspiration for jewelry making is to take a break—don’t stress your lack of creativity. All artists encounter this since creative genius comes in ebbs and flows. When you take a step back, you give your imagination time to recharge. Pretty soon, unique new ideas will return, so you can continue doing what you love! Inspiration isn’t always there, but it’ll return with time.

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