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Best Pro Athletes Who Are Good Role Models

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Charles Barkley once stated that he and many other athletes aren’t model citizens for their children to look up to. While that may be true for the “Round Mound of Rebound,” there are five active athletes who are good role models for people to idolize.

Mike Trout

Sometimes, being a good role model is being the best at your sport and doing it quietly. There’s no better proof of that than Mike Trout. Trout is undoubtedly the best player on the planet whenever he can remain healthy and play centerfield for the Los Angeles Angels.

Between him and his teammate, Shohei Ohtani, they are the perfect duo to look up to and dream about becoming, assuming that winning games aren’t a prerequisite. The Angels cannot get out of their way despite having these two once-in-a-lifetime players on the same team. Therefore, learning perseverance from them could also inspire you.

John Cena

He may have earned his stripes in an industry with predetermined outcomes, but that doesn’t make what John Cena has done for the Make-A-Wish foundation any less spectacular. The 17-time WWE champion turned Hollywood heartthrob has broken the world record by granting 650 wishes. What Cena does for these kids is beautiful to see, and watching any videos of him doing it will surely warm your heart.

Simone Biles

How you handle adversity when the entire world is watching and judging you makes Simone Biles a fantastic model for young people everywhere.

Despite the advances and open discussions about mental health, many still don’t grasp its effect on individuals. Biles shined the light on mental health advocacy when she withdrew from multiple Olympic events to focus on her mental health.

While the media’s talking heads bickered back-and-forth about whether she’s a quitter, Biles continued to demonstrate the importance of prioritizing your mental health.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is a professional athlete that you can’t imagine having one bad bone in his body. The Super Bowl champion quarterback wears his faith on his sleeve while he remains one of the better players in the NFL. Wilson is starting a new chapter in his life with the Denver Broncos after the Seattle Seahawks traded him this offseason, so an entirely new audience will get the enjoy his wholesomeness.

LeBron James

Arguably the greatest NBA player, LeBron James is whom every hoopster should try to become. James has everything you could want in a basketball player, but what he’s done off the court is what makes him the true G.O.A.T.

Besides starting his own movie studio, James founded a foundation and school for underprivileged children who otherwise would be afterthoughts. Add that into the pot with his basketball accolades, and you have one amazing role model.

There are many athletes and coaches from years past that children and adults should emulate, but these current pro athletes are the best role models to follow today.

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