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8 Ways to Bring a Positive Energy into Your Home

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Your house is more than just a place to lay your head every night and keep dry from the elements: it is a safe place where you should feel at your happiest and most relaxed. However, sometimes it can feel as though the atmosphere within your house is slightly off-kilter, or that it isn’t quite as homely as you might like. In these instances, you may feel as though you want to find some things which you can do to brighten up the place and bring in more positivity.

If you are looking for some simple things which you can do to bring more positive energy into your house, then here are a few ideas that you might find useful.

Bring in more sunlight

The space within a house can easily feel claustrophobic or negative if there isn’t enough natural light allowed into the area. Sunlight is important for a person’s wellbeing, as it stimulates the production of Vitamin D within the body, which is important for improved mood and for helping people feel happier within themselves. Therefore, not only is it useful for the atmosphere of the home to bring in as much natural light as possible, but it is also vital for the wellbeing of everyone living there. So, lift the blinds, open the drapes and remove any items which block light to help bolster the positive atmosphere of the home.

Declutter the house

A cluttered house can often lead to the feeling of a cluttered mind and can create a stressful atmosphere to live in. Therefore, it is important to declutter the rooms within your home on a regular basis, in order to improve feelings of calm and tranquility for everyone within the space. Even doing something as simple as decluttering a single room, or even just a drawer or cabinet within the house can help a space feel much more open and reduce the perception of overcrowding around the home.

Use crystals for positive energy

Crystals have been used in a variety of different situations to bring about desired traits within people, as well as within specific spaces and circumstances. For example, some people use crystals to bring different forms of energy into the home if they feel there are imbalances there. Amethyst, for instance, is believed to bring about feelings of inner peace, balance and stress relief; so, adding amethyst crystals into certain rooms of the house might help to bring these qualities into the home.

Add some plants to the home

Many people find that being cut off from nature can bring down their mood. So, in order to combat this effect, it is important to bring more of a connection to nature into the home. One great way to do that is to add more fresh plants and flowers into rooms around the house. Not only will this add a pop of natural color and energy into the house, but it will also provide a small source of oxygen within the home to combat some of the pollutants and toxins which are often present in confined spaces.

Allow more fresh air in

Being outside in the fresh air can offer many benefits to people, including reduced feelings of anxiety and increased peace of mind. Therefore, in order to bring those feelings into the home, one simple thing you can do is to open up the windows and allow fresh air into the house at regular intervals throughout the day. 

Use light neutral colors

If a home feels dark and oppressive, it is more likely that the atmosphere of the house will be perceived as negative. So, in order to spruce up the home and make it feel much fresher and brighter, it is worth repainting the walls of the house in light, neutral colors, such as whites and light pastel tones.

Use fresh fragrances

Smell is one of the most powerful senses people have, and some fragrances bring about more positive emotions than others. By bringing more upbeat scents into the home, such as by using lavender or citrus essential oils, you can bring about much more positive energy.

Add some personal elements

A house that is bare, sparse and devoid of any real personal attachment or connection is often going to feel less homely than one which is filled with individual touches. By doing simple things, such as adding photographs and artwork which prompt happy memories, you can bring much more positivity into the house and make it feel more personal to you.

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