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8 Items to Take on a Walk

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Taking a walk is a great way to fit in exercise and clear your mind. While you should avoid cramming your bag until it bursts at the seams (you don’t need five spare jumpers!), it’s still important to make sure you take everything you need with you. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll around your local park or you’re taking a hike up a steep hill, here are eight items you need. 

1: A Water Bottle 

The last thing you want is to be caught out of breath and sweating without a bottle of water on hand. Not only is it inconvenient, but forgetting a water bottle can even be dangerous, so make sure it’s packed before you leave the house. 

2: A Book

While you might envision yourself walking non-stop for the whole duration, there’s something peaceful about finding an isolated spot and getting absorbed in a book. Just in case this happens, remember to pack your current read. 

3: Your Vape 

Another way to enjoy a spot you’ve found while walking is by taking a vape along with you. If you have yet to invest in a vape, then turn to companies such as Vape CBD World to find the ideal starting kit. Even if you already enjoy this ultimate relaxation pastime, it is always worth checking out the new flavors on offer. This way, when it’s time to rest your legs and take in the views, you can feel relaxed, taking a few minutes to yourself, enjoying your vape, and then prepare yourself for the rest of the walk. 

4: A Snack

Unless your walk is under half an hour and you’ve recently eaten, you should always remember a snack, especially if you don’t know how long you’ll be gone. The best kind of snacks for walking are ones small but dense in calories, like protein bars and flapjacks. 

5: Sunscreen 

The sun’s rays still reach your skin even with cloud cover, making it essential to remember sunscreen. Layer some on before your walk and then top it up throughout the day, especially if you’re walking on a warm and sunny day. A hat is a good idea, too! 

6: Plasters 

Blisters on the feet are one of the worst feelings while walking, so make sure you pack plenty of plasters in case this happens. While they won’t heal the blister, they do provide some relief for the pain. Plasters are handy to have in general, anyway, as you never know when you might catch yourself on something sharp.  

7: Your Phone 

While you shouldn’t spend your time walking glued to your phone, it is still an essential item to bring. Not only does it provide a contact in case of an emergency, but it also acts as a flashlight, compass, and a time-teller. Plus, if you’ve forgotten a book, you can simply download one on your phone! Be extra prepared by taking a fully-charged portable charger with you. 

8: A Waterproof Jacket

Getting caught in the rain is a nuisance, and it’s made even worse if you are far from home on foot. To prepare for the dreaded downpour, make sure you pack a waterproof jacket. This way, you’ll stay reasonably dry while you make your way home.  By preparing your bag for a walk, you make sure you have both a fun and safe time while exploring.

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