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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

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Opting for cosmetic surgery procedures is never a decision taken lightly. The range of options and methods can be overwhelming, and once you have decided, finding a surgeon can be just as tough.

When finding a doctor, there are a number of points you can address to make the surgery go smoothly and effortlessly. By following our five points below, you should have no problem finding the best cosmetic surgeon for your procedure. 

1. Check Their Record

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) oversees specialist training and accreditation for anyone practicing cosmetic procedures. Certified members need to have a degree from a medical school and have had eight years of experience in various fields. They then need to complete a series of written exams provided by the board.

If you decide to go with a surgeon not board-certified, then your surgeon should at least be licensed to practice in your state. You find this information by visiting your board and submitting a request for records. This will also let you know if any disciplinary action or complaints made against the surgeon.

2. Be Specific About Pricing

If you see a low price cosmetic procedures deal, then chances are that it is probably too good to be true. It will often be for a very basic procedure with aftercare and follows ups costing more. Be very specific when asking what the price includes.

Does it also include medicines or dressing you may need? Finally, check that any implant or material being used is of the highest quality. 

3. Best Cosmetic Surgeon Testimonials

Most plastic surgeons will have a glowing recommendation from one or two customers on their website. However, to get a balanced opinion look outside this for customer references. Search forums or google business online.

People will always have one or two people who wish to complain, but if the majority of reviews are good, contact some of the customers and ask about their experience. A surgeon who has no reviews or customers would be worrying and should be avoided. 

Finally, ask the surgeon for before and after pictures of previous procedures. Ask for similar work examples that will be performed upon yourself.

4. Speak with a Range of Surgeons

When committing to plastic surgery, you need to feel comfortable and confident with the doctor you have chosen. This may be the first person you speak with, but it may also be the third or fourth. Speak to a number of surgeons to see who you trust most. 

When speaking with the surgeon, check their level of professionalism. Are they confident when answering questions? Do they seem honest and willing to discuss things such as complications?

5. Check the Facility

Plastic surgery must be performed in a designated room with strict, accredited standards. These include hygiene, equipment, staff, and room safety. If it is not an accredited facility, stay away. 

You must also check if a surgeon has hospital privileges. If something does go wrong, you will need a bigger hospital. This is also an indicator that the surgeon is reputable and has the trust of others in their field. 

Booking the Appointment

Once you have the best cosmetic surgeon that you feel comfortable with, then book in. If you have found the right surgeon then you should feel safe, comfortable, and excited for your surgery.

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