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4 Important Tools You Need for Working With Granite

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Having the right tools is essential when working with natural stone, especially granite. Granite is a dense and hard rock that requires special tools designed to handle its unique properties. Whether you want to work with granite around your home or start a small business, you need these four important tools.

Diamond Blades

Diamonds are your best friend when it comes to successfully cutting hard natural stone such as granite. Diamond blades feature a layer of small diamonds on their cutting edge, enabling them to cut through tough materials without the tool wearing down. Technically, they don’t cut at all. Instead, these blades grind their way through the stone. However, the grinding looks like cutting, which is why we refer to it as such. When choosing diamond blades, make sure to select ones designed specifically for cutting granite for an optimal experience. If you’re on a budget, consider buying this tool secondhand.

Wet Stone Saw

Wet stone saws, or masonry saws, work with water to make quick work of stone. Most feature an attached water tank that allows you to safely direct water over the blade of your saw and the granite you’re cutting. Using water keeps both the blade and the stone cool during cutting. Including water in the cutting process also reduces dust and debris, resulting in more precise cuts and a smoother finish. A good wet stone saw features a guide for straight cuts and is a must-have for working with granite.

Router Bits

Router bits are a general term for any rotating bit that attaches to a router and can create intricate edge designs. They play an important role in making sure the edges of your stone look good. You can find router bits in various industries, including stonework, that create various edge styles such as bevel, bullnose, and ogee. Make sure to choose router bits designed for use with granite to avoid chipping or damaging the material.

Stone Edge Polishers

Router bits aren’t the only important tool for granite edges. You must also learn what a stone edge polisher is and what it does before you can create high-quality edges. These tools come in different sizes and can polish both straight and curved edges. If you want a professional finish for your granite, a stone edge polisher is a must-have. Since they’re expensive, you may want to consider buying one secondhand.

You need these four important tools and others when you’re working with granite, as well as other types of natural stone. Keep all four in your tool kit or near your workstation to ensure you’re always ready to create beautiful stonework.

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