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What Room Will You Choose? 6 Fabulous Basement Conversion Ideas

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Most households use their basements for storage, which is its main purpose, but if you haven’t used it for your surplus items, there is a whole other room in your property that you’re not utilizing. It’s easy to forget about your basement. This area lurks beneath the floorboards, but don’t underestimate how much this vacant room could transform your house (and add value to it!) If you’re not using your basement for storage, here are some great conversion suggestions that could take your home to the next level.

1.   Study

Having a study or home office space is a great idea if you work from home or want somewhere quiet to concentrate on admin tasks like working on your monthly budgets, etc. If you have kids, a study could provide a quiet room where they can finish their homework without the distractions of the TV and so on. It’s a good place to keep all your paperwork together and organized.

2.   Games Room

If you’re looking for something a little more fun, then a games room is probably what you’re thinking of. You can go as big or small with this as you like, just remember to have at least a few classic board games stored in the corner somewhere. If you’re into video games, having quality monitors with a great sound system set up could be your idea of heaven. If you do have a family, though, think of including something for everyone to enjoy. For example, find the best multi game tables to save on space but still have plenty of fun activities to choose from.

3.   Reading Room

This is one for the bookworms! For a more serene spot in the house, you could always convert your basement into a beautiful reading room. In a world where people are still staring at a screen, being able to put down your phone and get lost in a great book is a wonderful way to escape and unwind.

4.   Play Room

If you have young children and are fed up with tripping over their toys, perhaps a playroom conversion could resolve your problem? You could split the room into different areas like painting and drawing section, a place to build with blocks, perhaps even create a mini-fort in one corner with a dressing-up box? They will adore having a big room to play in, and hopefully, this will help to reduce the mess in the rest of the house!

5.   Wine Cellar

For a more adult addition to your home, why not add a wine cellar? This will be a dream for wine connoisseurs, and if you add a comfortable sofa or seating into the mix, it will be fabulous for entering guests. Just make sure you’re not too tipsy to climb back up the steps!

6.   Spare Bedroom

 If none of the above sounds appealing to you, converting your basement into a spare bedroom or guest suite could be a better choice. It will offer your guests more privacy, especially if you add a shower room.

Any of these choices would be great to help add value to your home and create a better living space for you and your family.

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