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What Not To Do When Wearing Your Engagement Ring

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There’s no experience that leaves you feeling giddier than your partner finally proposing to you and gifting you with a precious engagement ring. The only feeling that beats it is the emotions you’ll feel on your wedding day. If you’re not acclimated to wearing priceless pieces of jewelry, the sudden responsibility of wearing an engagement ring may overwhelm you—but it’s okay! So long as you know what not to do when wearing your engagement ring, you’ll keep the beautiful bauble safe from the everyday dangers of the world.


One of the biggest engagement ring and wedding ring controversies is whether it’s okay to shower with your ring on or not. Many people do shower with their rings on—but they may not know they’re putting them in danger every time that they clean themselves. Shower gels and body soaps are harsher than most types of hand soaps; in the shower, your soap needs to work hard to scrub away all the dirt and leave you feeling fresh. The chemicals in the soap can corrode the ring or leave a layer of scum on the surface, both dulling the quality of your engagement ring.

Along with the other risks that come with showering with jewelry, it’s better to simply take the ring off and shower without any accessories that can easily wash down the drain. However, washing your hands with gentle hand soap while wearing your ring can help keep it clean.

Working Out

If you have a workout routine, get ready to find a safe place to store your ring as you work up a sweat. It’s not safe to wear your engagement ring while exercising, even if you’re working out without equipment, so it’s better to either keep the ring safe at home or in a secure location. Not only will you need to worry about losing the ring if you wear it, but you’ll also have to worry about your sweat tarnishing—or even corroding—the precious metal of the ring.


Have you ever thought about all the chemicals and bacteria that occupy a public swimming pool? Pool water, while it looks safe, is extremely dangerous for your jewelry. Ocean or freshwater swimming isn’t safe for your rings, either. In the ocean, the salt content of the water corrodes jewelry faster than freshwater—it may even attract dangerous predators to you. While bodies of freshwater won’t corrode your precious metals, the cold water can loosen the ring from your finger and cause you to lose it in the weedy depths.

No matter where you swim, it’s high up on the list of what not to do when wearing your engagement ring whether it’s due to the water or the sandy beach that surrounds it. Sand can easily scratch up your gemstones, especially if they’re not diamonds. If you ever find yourself questioning if an activity is harmful to your engagement ring, it’s often better to avoid the risk and keep the ring somewhere safe and off your body.

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