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What Are Astrological Houses and How Do They Affect Your Life?

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Astrology has existed for the majority of human history, and has taken different forms in different cultures. In other words, we’ve always been trying to understand the meaning behind astrology and how it affects our lives.

Most of us know our Sun sign. It correlates with the day we were born.

However, many don’t know about astrological houses. Delving into this realm of astrology can deepen your understanding of yourself.

Read on to learn more about astrological houses, and what they can teach you about yourself.

What Do Astrological Houses Signify?

Let’s take a brief look at the three pieces of the puzzle that make up your star chart. You have the signs, such as Scorpio, Cancer, and Leo. You also have the planets and the astrological houses, that the planets were aligned in at the time of your birth.

The planets represent the factors in operation throughout your life. The signs in your star chart signify how those planets are operating as well. The astrological houses determine where these planets are operating.

In other words, astrological houses represent different parts of ourselves and our world.

If you know that you’re a Scorpio, you know that you have a fiery personality, and place a heavy emphasis on loyalty and trust. However, without understanding the astrological houses, you’re only getting part of the picture.

What Do the 12 Astrological Houses Represent?

There are 12 distinct astrological houses, just like there are 12 months in a year. Each house comes to represent different parts of you, your life, and your perception.

The first six houses are considered your personal houses. They reflect your self-image, your values, your work ethic, and more. For example, the 5th house rules your forms of self-expression and creativity. 

The last six houses are considered your interpersonal houses. While some do revolve around the way you relate to other people, others are more concerned with the way you navigate life. 

For example, the fourth house rules your sense of achievement, authority, and more. It is often examined to determine your career path.

Understanding the difference between the astrological houses is a good start. However, it will not serve you unless you know how they relate to the planets and signs of your personal star chart.

Where Can We Learn More About Our Relationship with the 12 Houses?

Your star chart is a deeply unique thing. It is different even for those who were born on the same day since you’re born at a different time.

For that reason, it is important to turn to those who can perform personal readings for you. We recommend looking to resources such as ask astrology so that you can find out more about yourself. 

Deepen Your Knowledge of Astrology

When you understand the astrological houses and how they relate to your star chart, you can learn about yourself. This puts you into a position to better meet life’s challenges.

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