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Unique Ways To Bring Spring into Your Home

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If you can barely contain your excitement for the end of another cold winter, you need something to do to keep yourself excited for the spring thaw. Celebrate spring in your home with simple adjustments to your décor and new indoor hobbies to keep the last leg of winter away. Indulging in some of these unique ways to bring spring into your home will keep your spring fever from distracting you as you anticipate the upcoming season.

Brighten Your Décor

Extended days and shorter nights mean more sunshine streaming into your home, even if it’s still cold outside. Make the most of the long days by brightening the interchangeable décor of your home such as curtains and tablecloths. Let the light in by keeping the curtains or blinds open as often as possible. As soon as that first warm day arrives, you’ll be prepared to open the windows and refresh the house with renewing spring air.

If you don’t already have seasonal décor such as a spring-themed centerpiece or door decorations, purchasing some may bring you seasonal joy. Get yourself a vase full of flowers—you deserve it!

Start Your Garden Early

Watching plants blossom and grow is one of the many joys of spring. You don’t have to wait until after the final frost of the year to start growing your precious plants—especially if you love growing flowers. Welcome spring into your home this year by planting and gardening with containers that you keep inside.

For a more unique spin on indoor gardening, try your hand at maintaining a hydroponic garden this year. Start small with a few flowering plants or herbs in your system as you learn the basics of your new hobby—it requires more than keeping your plants in a small container of tap water. As you learn more about hydroponics, nutrients, and the pH of water, you’ll walk away with a further appreciation for where your food comes from. You may decide to keep the garden throughout the year and even add vegetables to the rotation!

Make a Big Change To Your Interior

Spring is all about the importance of change and the shifting of energy—take this imagery and utilize it to make a serious change to your home’s interior design. Take a risk with a bold accent wall or a brand-new color scheme. Change the theme of the living room to fit a rustic aesthetic with natural wooden accents and outfit the room with new or repurposed furniture to match.

While some people may prefer to transition only their interchangeable décor, if you want a long-lasting spring feeling then you need a long-lasting way to bring spring into your home. Paint your walls, paint your furniture, and make a bold statement in any room of your house—then rinse and repeat in a different room for next spring!

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