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Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist for Fall

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Fall is the time of the year to cozy up! Before you start to spend more time indoors, make sure you clean up your home from summer activities. Get going with this ultimate deep cleaning checklist for fall.


Cooler weather means that you’ll probably be spending more time in the kitchen for the next few months. To prepare for this, it’d be great to tidy up the area. Now is a great time to clean the stove drip pans and the oven of any lingering spilled meals. Use the vacuum hose to clean up as many crumbs as you can reach underneath and next to the stove and refrigerator.


Ooof. Here’s another one that I’m sure you haven’t deep cleaned in a while! The best hack to clean the shower is to fill a dish scrubber sponge with shower cleaner and keep it in the bathroom. Next, clear away any old items you don’t need any more from the cabinets and tidy up all the drawers.


No ultimate deep cleaning checklist for fall would be complete without the bedroom. Go through all your old clothes and make a pile to donate to a thrift store. Put away any cluttered piles that have become permanent residents. By cleaning your room, you’ll create a more conducive sanctuary that you can hibernate in.

Living Areas

All the additional rooms in your home need some attention too! This includes the living room, dining room, and wherever else you spend most of your time at home. Taking care of the living areas is not only important for when you have guests over, but it’ll elevate your own living experience.


Finally, it’s essential to tend to your yard during fall. Rake up any pine needles or leaves to prevent excessive fungus from growing as the snow arrives. Finish up any last-minute stuff in the garden to prepare for spring. You should also check if you need to clean your dryer exhaust vent to prevent rodents from nesting in the colder months.

Once you finish deep cleaning your home, you’ll be much more comfortable when winter arrives.

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