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Top tips for making commuting by car more enjoyable

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Anyone who commutes daily by car knows how difficult doing so can be. Whether it’s heavy traffic congestion, vehicle problems, dealing with bad driving and road rage from other motorists, or being unable to find a parking spot, the list of potential troubles can feel endless. It’s not surprising, therefore, that studies have found driving to be the most stressful mode of transportation. However, not everyone has the opportunity to switch to walking, cycling, or public transport. Perhaps it’s not convenient for where you live and work, or maybe you have too much luggage to make it a viable option. If so, here are some top tips for how you can make your daily drive a more enjoyable experience.

Take the scenic route

Sometimes the shortest route is not the best. If your usual route is frequently plagued by stop-and-start traffic and heavy congestion, see if there’s a longer, smoother way you can take instead. This will make your drive much less frustrating and reduce your stress levels—which is super important for your health and mental wellbeing.

Learn as you drive

If you commute to work alone, take advantage of the time spent in your car and try learning a new skill. Download an inspirational podcast, or try learning a new language. Not only will it help to broaden your mind and keep your brain active, it will make the journey much more enjoyable and interesting.

Try carpooling

If you live near a friend or colleague, you could always try carpooling with them. This adds a fantastic social aspect to your journey, and you can share the stress of driving. Plus, it’s better for the environment as you’ll be taking another car off the road and reducing carbon emissions—a real win-win situation!


Long car journeys can be uncomfortable, and you may find you experience stiffness in your neck, lower back pain, or other physical discomfort as a result of your commute. Luckily, there are plenty of stretches you can do in the car or once you arrive at work to help relieve some of this irritation. Make this part of your daily routine, and you should start feeling the difference almost immediately.

Leave early

Nothing will raise your stress levels faster than being late! By leaving a little bit earlier than you think you need to, getting stuck in traffic won’t phase you as much and you’ll be less likely to take risks when driving.

Be prepared

Changes in the weather and the road conditions can have a big impact on your commute. Always check the forecast before setting out, especially if you have a long journey, and carry essentials such as a first aid kit, a flashlight, and a spare tire just in case. A company such as Acertus can help with more complex problems including vehicle transport, storage, and title and registration services.


Singing has been shown to release endorphins in the brain, making us feel happier and more relaxed—meaning it’s the perfect fun activity for your commute! So, make a playlist of your favorite tunes, crank up the volume, and sing like nobody’s listening!

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